it’s time to believe

The people you lead are waiting. The people you lead are waiting for you. The people you lead are waiting for you to believe. The people you lead are waiting for you to believe there is a better place. The people you lead are waiting for you to believe there is a better place worth … Continue reading

the letting go

Letting go is the hardest part of moving forward. Change is hard. There are three reasons why change is hard: The new thing is not compelling enough. Getting to the new thing is harder and messier than we thought. The old thing is hard to let go of No matter how compelling your vision… No … Continue reading

leader goes first

If you want to lead them, you must go them.  …they certainly won’t come to you. CEO’s will have the most influence when they are close to their people–most importantly of which is their executive team. When you make the time to go to them you show them you care about them. When they know … Continue reading


It is really about how much you believe. You will never build a great team if you don’t really believe in your heart that the mission of the organization is of great importance. Once factor I see in effective CEO’s–that build truly cohesive teams that trust each other, have good conflict and accountability–is that they … Continue reading

the leader has to lead

It is quite obvious I would think, but sometimes I run across a CEO who seems to forget this. I most notice this in team meetings. A team meeting is the leaders arena. That is when a leader pulls their most trusted people into a room to discuss how well things are going and what … Continue reading

you don’t really want to win

Do you really want to win? This question is just important. The problem is that many of us deceive ourselves. We say we want to win, but our behavior is not great at keeping secrets for us. For some, our behaviors seem to indicate that our leadership role is more of job or a privilege. … Continue reading

lonely on the top

If it is lonely on the top, something is not right. Leadership is both an individual calling and a team role. Much like any position in any team, there is one person responsible for the role and the role is not relevant without the team. The role of a leader usually starts with an individual … Continue reading

the foggy season

What about the foggy days? Clarity is critical to leadership. A leader without clarity is dangerous to follow. However, it is inevitable that you will face the fog. The fog is that season of leadership when you have gone as far as you can see and no matter how wide you open your eyes, you … Continue reading

is it time?

Do we talk enough about courage? The thought of stepping into uncharted territory sparks fear in the hearts of many. This fear causes many to stop progressing and settle. Settling is the death of leadership. Leaders see out in the horizon (even imagined) a place for us to all go to. The path between “here” … Continue reading

willing to endure

Not everyone will believe. Leadership has everything to do with what a person believes. It is what is in your heart that is so attractive. Opening up and sharing what is close to your core will cause a response in others. It will cause some to be drawn and others to push away. When people … Continue reading