Posted in March 2008

Leadership Lesson #2: Be Clear

There is nothing worse that a vague leader.  You know these leaders, they are the ones you can never pin down.  You always THINK you know what they think about you, but you’re not really sure if your honest.  Are you one of them?  Being clear is an essential element of leadership.  Clear with your … Continue reading

The Dream Manager

This weeks recommendation is Matthew Kelly’s, The Dream Manager… “This new breed of loyalty will be built on the principle of adding value.  An employee is responsible for adding value to the life of a company, and a company is responsible for adding value to the life of an employee.  This is the great unspoken … Continue reading

Leadership Lesson #1: Be A Servant

I have always been fascinated with leadership.  I’m not exactly sure why.  I’ve coached people who are passionate about art, music, science, business, hang gliding, video game animation, computers… and I could go on and on.  For all these people their passion comes so natural to them.  They never thought twice about cultivating these things … Continue reading