Posted in June 2012

Healthy organizations begin with healthy leaders

Check out: Reality Management–Pat’s POV June 2012 …Leaders are the heart of our organizations. If you know your organization is on the verge of a “heart-attack” have hope—things can change! Here’s the pill to swallow, Leader: usually that means you have to get better.Pat suggest we begin a turnaround much the same way we begin a … Continue reading

“My father told me that for a leader, the true measure of success is found in the eyes of your direct reports, the embrace of your spouse, and the hearts of your children. I believe him… when was the last time you looked into the eyes of those who work for you in order to … Continue reading

“leaders eat healthy food, dad. that’s why i ate all my oatmeal.” –my boy, EJ (this kid kills me! haha)

The kids are watching!

My kids are definitely paying attention! Last year I got the “couch potato dad” trophy from them. My kids are following my lead, prefer them to follow this kind of dad.

…no matter how hard a man thought or worked, some things in life would remain unknowable, and we had to accept that. Scott Jurek (Eat & Run)