Posted in August 2012

Performance Formula

There are no surprises in performance. “Surprises” are the result of ignoring or underestimating a fundamental element of the Performance Formula. Performance is simple math: Performance is the product of an organization overcoming external forces/competition by having a smart strategy and a healthy organizational culture. You want results? Then know your numbers and control them. … Continue reading

Bill Walsh’s 5 Dos for Getting Back into the Game

Do expect defeat. Do force yourself to stop looking backward and dwelling on the professional “train wreck” you have just been in. Do allow yourself appropriate recover–grieving–time. Do tell yourself, “I am going to stand and fight again,” with the knowledge that often when things are their worst you’re closer than you can imagine to … Continue reading

Leadership in the Eye

Two things my eyes taught me today about leadership: 1. A healthy eye at rest always looks straight. So apparently there are six muscles that control your eye (more than I thought). If your eyes are weak, when they rest, my doc said they will veer off to the side. If they are strong and … Continue reading

Leadership thought at Mile 6

The other day was one of those “I need to go for a long run” kind of days—so I set my course for my 10 mile loop. Don’t normally need water, but two miles in it felt much hotter than normal. Then I passed a sign showing the current temp—94 deg! Rule number #1 on … Continue reading