Posted in March 2013

eight years of pain

I was talking with a friend today who said that she spent eight years under a difficult boss that treated her with ruthless arrogance. When I asked why she stayed for so long in such a dysfunctional environment, she said: “Well, that is a long story. But honestly I’m glad I did. I wouldn’t be … Continue reading

nameless generosity

At dinner tonight celebrating my grandmothers 90th birthday she told a story that made me pause… Grandpa called from Germany with the exciting news, “Bon! I found a place for us all to live! Get a plane and get over here!” ‘Bon’ was his short name for Grandma Bonnie. She grabbed her passport, purchased a … Continue reading

I would write, but…

…I have nothing to say. Right now I am just living and learning to enjoy the life I have today. Don’t follow me. Follow the one who gives you breathe in the morning.