Posted in April 2013

I dare you to scrap your 5 year plan

…Let me push pause on a thought from yesterday (which I will come back to because it is a thorn in my thoughts) and jump into another random thought that just came up for me… There is a tremendous amount of confusion around the “long term strategic goals” in both our business and our personal … Continue reading

The disease of fame

We all have a deep desire to be truly known by another person. When purely expressed we experience true love. When this desire is diseased we lust for fame. If I’m honest, I can feel deep inside me the dark desire for fame–the sickness, the disease. The illness of fame is not in the intention … Continue reading

Last day on earth?

So this will be admittedly ridiculous and mellow-dramatic… but it’s true and I am an ENFP, so there you have it. Ha! I started today fully intending to act based on my answer to this question: “If today was the last day I had, what would I do?” So I mowed my dad’s lawn! Hahaha! … Continue reading

305 pounds isn’t healthy

Did I ever tell you that about me? I think it was about five years ago that I stepped onto the scale at my doctors office for a routine check up and saw that it read: “305 lbs.” You want to know what’s weird about that looking back? No one had ever said anything to me about … Continue reading

life misery

I don’t normally write so much, but I am thinking a lot right now. I’m hoping my brain is in a gestation period where a new way of living has been conceived, and not yet ready to be birthed. (Wow! Can I get any weirder?!? Ha!) What if poverty isn’t the problem? What if the … Continue reading

daring greatly

I read a lot of books and I try to take one thing away from them all. Trying to boil my big takeaways to one is just impossible. This book, “Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way we Live, Love, Parent and Lead,” by Dr. Brene Brown, is dense with lessons … Continue reading