life misery

I don’t normally write so much, but I am thinking a lot right now. I’m hoping my brain is in a gestation period where a new way of living has been conceived, and not yet ready to be birthed. (Wow! Can I get any weirder?!? Ha!)

What if poverty isn’t the problem? What if the problem is wealth?

I’m not ready to go to bat on this yet, but what if the misery in our lives is really caused by wealth–the greatest poverty in America?

I think we are hardwired to want to be known, feel significant, and know the true definition of success for our life. When we feel anonymous we strive for fame. When we feel irrelevant we promote our status. Left with no true measure of success we define it with material gain. It seems like we will fill those basic needs in ways that are unhealthy and destructive and leave us miserable.

:: Remember when we signed up for Facebook? All of a sudden we had a metric to compare how many friends we had and the drive to be known took a wicked twist–fame.

:: How many of us on Twitter made sure to note our titles? As if me being a “Principal Consultant” really means anything about my worth–status.

:: Remember when cool was definition of success and cool meant having the newest trend? Of course I say that success is found in my relationships, but if I am honest, internally I compare myself to what others have–materialism.

Is there a “sweet-spot” on the misery spectrum–where self-indulgence and self-degradation are the bookends? There might be–just on the self-degradation side of center. I think the struggle is we are too far on the self-indulgence side of the spectrum in America. Maybe we should stop exporting our wealth as the standard and start importing humility, generosity and gratitude from those who have very little. We may need the poor of our planet to teach us how to find happiness without fame, status, and materialism.


…I’m just thinking  out loud here… but I think we might need Someone to help us, because we may not be able to push ourselves out of misery to the sweet-spot.

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