Posted in August 2013

vegetables and pain

There is this guy who works at Google who has a TEDtalk about doing random things for 30 days. Here are some of the things he did for 30 day time periods: took pictures everyday bike to work hiked a mountain wrote a novel gave up sugar no social media or news He says, “If … Continue reading

non-profit, NOT non-performance!

Sweet Mother Teresa (God, Rest her soul). What is sweeter than seeing an image of an elderly woman feeding a terminally sick man, embracing an orphaned infant, or gently caressing the head of a dying woman with AIDs abandoned to a life of prostitution. With palms connected, rosary beads weaved between her fingers, which are … Continue reading

bored as hell!

I was driving home last night after spending another day with a client. I am so honored to work with this team. Some times I’m brought in when teams realize they are broken. It is special to get to work with a team that is great and wants to get better–they are drawing the best … Continue reading

does anyone care anymore

I can tell the difference between a leader who cares and a person who is just filling a job position. Just because you have the title CEO does not make you a leader. For that matter, just because you are creating a buzz of activity and organizational change, doesn’t mean you care. Call it what … Continue reading