vegetables and pain

There is this guy who works at Google who has a TEDtalk about doing random things for 30 days. Here are some of the things he did for 30 day time periods:

  • took pictures everyday
  • bike to work
  • hiked a mountain
  • wrote a novel
  • gave up sugar
  • no social media or news

He says, “If you really want something badly enough, you can do anything for thirty days.” Sure. But you will only do what you want to do for 31 and beyond.

Here’s the trick to sustained health: Change your preferences.

If you don’t want to do it, you won’t. You can change any behavior you want for a short time (like 30 days). The reason most folks lose a lot of weight and gain it all back is because all they did was adjust behaviors. They never adjusted their desires.

If you don’t actually learn to PREFER vegetables and pain, you will never be healthy.

Anyone can like a piece of fruit or sit on bike and go on a joy ride. Healthy eating is about a primary concentration of a variety of vegetables. Veggies are intense. You don’t eat them unless you love them. Exercise that works hurts. If it doesn’t hurt, then it won’t make you healthy. If you don’t love pain you’ll quit when it hurts.

The results can’t motivate you. At some point you’ll stop losing. Then what? You still have to eat those veggies. You still have to do intense exercise. And guess what? Now all your effort doesn’t move the number on the scale and you look no different. Now people don’t judge you for being fat. Now they judge you for being a pretentious eater. Shit! You can’t win! …so don’t try. Do it because you love it!

Lots of people ask me how I transformed my health. Here is what I say: “I changed my preferences.” The reason I eat veggies? I would rather have them than anything else. Why do I run so much? I like how it feels when my legs hurt and I can barely walk afterwards.

I lowered my blood pressure from 151/91 to 106/60 and lost 145 pounds… so take my opinion for what its worth.

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