somewhere along the line suffering became a bad thing. yet here we are in these bodies that require suffering in order to be healthy. You can call it exercise if you want, but we are really talking about pain and suffering. many of us struggle with our health, not because we lack the desire to be healthy. The problem is that we have been taught that suffering is bad and something to be avoided. Then we get confused when we excise and it hurts. We get confused and then stop. we stop because we believe that something must be wrong.

guess what. nothing is wrong.

…a tree can not produce fruit unless the seed from which it grew first was buried and died.

…a muscle can not grow unless it is strained to the point of tearing first.

…a heart can not beat at a health slow rate unless you first move so intensely you make it feel like it is going to beat out of your chest.

pain is the only road to strength. avoiding pain is to embrace atrophy and weakness. the obstacle to health is not the pain. the obstacle to health is your belief that suffering is bad.

learn to embrace suffering, because all it means is that you are getting stronger.

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