Posted in March 2015

the only relevant long-term goal

There is only one long-term goal that is relevant: sustained health. Everything else is secondary. Travel. Money. Cars. Career. Art. Even relationships, family and friends. These are all amazing things experienced in the context of one thing: L-I-F-E. We have long-term financial goals. Long term career goals. Retirement goals. Goals with our hobbies. Some of … Continue reading

when what is normal kills

Hot dogs. Hamburgers. Pizza. French Fries. Soda. You know… normal food. If I ate this food everyday most people would never blink an eye. Then when I have my first heart attack they will feel bad for me. Like it happened to me. As if I was betrayed by my own arteries. Now, if I choose blood pressure medicine as … Continue reading

Terminally Ill

Pathology is the study of the origin of disease. Understanding the origin of a thing helps us understand how to heal and unlock the healthy version of ourselves. In order for us to treat or cure cancer we must look to its origin so that we can understand what it even is and how we … Continue reading