Posted in February 2018

the 19

Right. Pure. Clean. True. These are the words of the Leader. The Leader sees a world with: …more right, …more pure, …more clean, …more truth. The reason we must get up and follow the Leader is that the Leader is headed toward what is more right, more pure, more clean and more true.

the influencer relationship

Leadership is a relationship. We often think of leadership as a job, a role, a title or an achievement. Leadership is a relationship between an influencer and the influenced. As such it is something to be cultivated and cared for. If you lead in an organization and you hire your team, your biggest obstacle as … Continue reading


When a leaders sees something we don’t see it reminds us of why leaders exist. Leaders see a place we don’t see and inspire us to move from where we are to a better place. Leaders invite us to go from one belief to a new belief. Leaders invite us to go from one attitude … Continue reading