Posted in March 2018

the ungrounded leader

An ungrounded leader will not fly far. Much like a slingshot a leader needs to have people around them that can pull them back and ground them. People who appreciate them and cheer them on, but aren’t enamored by them. The resistance enables a leader to fly farther. For every leader their team must be … Continue reading

credible enough to lead

Leadership is influence. The very nature of leadership is the influence of people. Moving people from one place to another place. There is a bit of audacity in leadership. Who are you to step into my world and tell me that I should pick up from where I am comfortable and move to a new … Continue reading

healthy conflict

The right kind of conflict is the kind expressed between people who trust each other. The word conflict hits people in so many ways. Some people are not afraid of the word at all. In fact, find conflict quite fun and invigorating. While others of us, would prefer to avoid inter-personal conflict by almost any … Continue reading

the problems with strengths

An unguarded strength is a double weakness. I love seeing leaders lead. Each leader, like an athlete, bring a special alchemy of skills, passions, and values to the context of their influence. Some leaders are quiet. Some leaders are assertive. Some leaders are big hearts. Some leaders are wildly imaginative and creative. Some leaders are … Continue reading

when the truth hurts

Right now, it hurts. Listening to people who care about you tell you what they see can be the most encouraging and painful experience. The pain of taking feedback can be great. Your intentions called into question. Your motives challenged. Your character dissected. Painful. Painful not in a “great long run” kind of a way. … Continue reading

out of the mess

All good things grow out of a mess. Muscles grow when the muscle fibers are torn. Persistence is measured by overcoming resistance. The great sequoia emerge out of the soil. Relationships are built through conflict and other messy conversations. It is persistence through conflict that grows the relationship. Conflict does three things in a relationship. The … Continue reading

leading indicator

“I shouldn’t have to do this anymore.” This is the attitude that leads to irrelevance. There are two ways we as leaders can approach our success: status or duty. When leaders approach their success with a sense of duty they continue to sweat the small stuff. They are fully engaged in team meetings. They show … Continue reading

stay and work

Stay put, work more than you are asked, and you will progress. Two accidental lessons my Dad taught me: Lesson 1: Stay put. My dad worked his entire life at the same business. I don’t know if he ever picked his head up out of the sand to wonder if there was anything else he … Continue reading

health is a choice

Health is a choice many of us never knew we had. Just a few months after working so hard and losing 150 pounds I was talking with an old colleague who asked me an important question, “Now after losing all the weight, do you see overweight people and want to go up to them and … Continue reading

master your rest stops

Master your rest stops. My cousin and her husband are professional Ironman athletes and coaches. She and I could not have been more different growing up. She was an athlete her entire life. A competitive swimmer for as long as I could remember. While I was a wanna be punk rock guitar player who loved … Continue reading