Exploitation, Abandonment or Cultivation?

How we use our land has an impact on what can be produced from it. When we exploit our land we have taken all we can from it–depleted it of all its benefit. At this point we must discard the land and move on to another. In a desire to appreciate the natural state, some purchase land in order for it to be left alone–abandoned. Untouched, the weeds and thistles overgrow and the land turns hard. Our land is meant to be cultivated. In some kind of partnership between the land that produces and the people that consume it’s fruit.

Nature is a compass towards truth. Leaders how we interact with our people matters. All three approaches have been tried in all extremes. Nothing more needs to be added to the discourse of the problems of exploitation of our people, yet some still attempt to reap from its benefits in an act of pure selfishness. We call it an “autonomous” work place, but in some it is an act of abandoning the responsibilities of leadership.

We must consider in this new age of a digital workplace that the relationships between leader and people is still meant to be cultivation. Technology cannot replace the law of the nature of human relationships. As the leader shows care and concern for the relationship some kind of special partnership emerges between the people and the leader that cannot be duplicated.

It is a choice in how we treat our people. The choice we make will produce dramatically different results.

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