trust first

Trust first, functions second.

The temptation when establishing your team is to start with which functions you want represented. “I know I want operations and products, I know I want finance, legal and HR also. I just really don’t trust my CFO. What should I do? I’ll just put him on my team and let him know he really needs to step it up.”

Wrong. When you are starting new with your leadership team the first question is “Who do I trust?” I would rather you have a team of 4-6 other people you trust without question than an equal representation of the functions and people you don’t trust.

Why? Trust enables a team to get to honesty faster than a team of people who don’t trust each other. A business can’t perform for long if politics and positioning are getting in the way of being honest. Put six people who trust each other in a room and they will make better decisions faster than five people who don’t trust each other.

Great things almost automatically come out of a team of leaders who all trust each other.

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