key metric: the meeting

Your team meetings tell me everything.

It is obvious how healthy an organization is just by observing the executive team meeting. That might sound cavalier. However, the truth is that all the disciplines required to build a healthy organization are required in a compressed period of time in the team meeting.

Watch how your team walks into your weekly team meeting…

Are they walking in rushed, immediately getting on their laptops to respond to emails, with minimal interactions with the others in the room? Houston, we have a problem.

How does the meeting start?

Does the leader miss her moment to set the urgency level of the meeting? is the team all in their laptops “multi-tasking?” Are people not quite ready? Uh oh.

How does the meeting go?

Do we start with “low hanging fruit?” Are we spending time waiting to convince the one person? Are we rushing to decision without any input from the team? Are we spending too much time on small issues? Are the issues not even the most important issues? Oh no.

How does the meeting end?

Did the team just start packing up and walk out exactly at the 90 min mark? Do the “meetings-after-the-meeting” begin before they have even walked out of the room?

If your meetings feel like an obligation. If you are leaving meetings frustrated because you don’t know what if anything was accomplished. If the only reason you thought the meeting was good was because that one person missed the meeting. Then your organization is feeling the same way.

You should feel the cohesion of the team from start to finish. A cohesive team will usually build healthy organization. A team struggling with cohesion never will.

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