stay and quit

There is no work around for a disengaged leader.

The leaders role is to inspire us to move from where we are to a better place–they help us see the future, they help us calibrate our urgency levels, they help us understand the next steps, they help us understand our role. Not on their own of course. It is always best when they are surrounded by a few they call their leadership team who are committed to helping with them.

I get so frustrated when leaders start to “walk out” the last mile of their race. It isn’t that I think they are doing something wrong. Many of these leaders have paid their dues and have created some amazing organizations. Now at the end of their career they are tired and see the end. After much of their life has been given, I understand why they have eased up on the gas. I guess you could say from one point of view they have earned it.

Is there such a thing as “earning the right to ease up” when you are a leader? No. I’m not saying a leader shouldn’t rest. However, the great tragedy is when a leader decides that we are good enough. That is the moment the leader stops leading. That is the moment the mission stalls. That is the moment all the work of the people becomes mere activities and not advancement.

Run to the end or get out of the way, but don’t stay in the race and quit running.

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