CHOOSE: family or mission

Family or mission? You have to choose. There is no right or wrong answer, only an honest one.

Within a short period of time–usually at some point in our 20’s–we find ourselves with both a mission to pursue and a family to cultivate. The temptation is to consider both a top priority which inevitably destines both to be underdeveloped. If we believe we are able to hold both as our #1 priority, our lack of humility deceives us into mediocrity (at best).

Of course you can choose to make your family your top priority. When you do, your career will suffer. You will maximize time at home over time on the business. You will invest in your relationships at home over relationships in the business. It is a noble choice that usually costs fame, status and fortune.

(Of course the family could choose to make the mission an essential part of the objectives of the family, but the family has to choose that together–like a team.)

You are also free to choose your mission. In the most extreme way, forgoing marriage and family altogether, pursuing the visions you have in the world. Your time, money and relational currency is spent advancing your vision. Many great movements throughout history could have only happened with this level of intense focus. Many heroes in history have changed the world while losing their families.

I’m not saying you can’t end up with both. What I am saying is that you get what you are focused on and you are lucky to also get the thing you are not focused on.

Family or mission? You are only lucky if you get both.

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