the ungrounded leader

An ungrounded leader will not fly far.

Much like a slingshot a leader needs to have people around them that can pull them back and ground them. People who appreciate them and cheer them on, but aren’t enamored by them. The resistance enables a leader to fly farther.

For every leader their team must be this kind of grounding force for them. For some leaders, their spouse is the best source of this kind of grounding. The “bigger” a leader get’s the greater their need for people around them to relate to them apart from their status. People who treat them as people, not as all-stars.

The other part of this equation is that these people also love when you fly. They cheer you on when you lead. They celebrate your wins with you. They cry with you when you fail. They believe in your visions. They are not intimated by your success.

Like a sling shot, if you don’t have people who will not pull you back and be a grounding force, you are destined to not fly far. Likewise, if you don’t have people who will let you fly you are destined to be held back.

As leaders we must surround ourselves with people who not only celebrate our success, but are also not afraid to remind us of our humanity.

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