it never gets easier

Vulnerability is always hard.

It is the foundation of great leadership and teamwork, but the fact is that vulnerability is always hard. That level of exposure is just not easy. I have known my wife since I was 12 years old. We have been through so much in our life together. We went through high school and college together. We worked at non-profits together. We traveled overseas teaching english. We lived in 3 states. We had five children. There is nothing in my life she does not have access to. But still I find it so difficult to expose some of my deep internal thoughts and feelings to her.

Fear of being embarrassed. Fear of looking dumb. Fear of maybe losing the relationship.

Fear is one reason that prevents us from being vulnerable. Yet vulnerability is the key to unlock progress in relationships.

If you are reading this blog, you are the kind of person who knows this. Consider this a remind of something you know. Maybe today was the day you needed to hear that it doesn’t get easier, but it is still worth the effort.

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