it matters so much

How we lead matters so much.

This week I have been feeling, deeply, the importance of leadership. This week a leader who had a planned retirement was forced to retire early after being caught up in the #MeToo movement. It has bothered me so much, because of the amount of good this leader has accomplished in his career. Hundreds of thousands of leaders all over the world have been encouraged to be more effective because of him.

And this is how his career ended. This will be thing many people will ultimately remember. It is a humbling thought that the larger your platform, the more important even the hint of an infraction matters so much more.

It is a sober reminder that no matter what size your platform is, it matters how you lead. I am always concerned when I hear a lead say, “I have earned the right to [fill in the blank].” The problem is hearing this is a lagging indicator that the leader has already moved off course, having convinced themselves that the discipline of leadership doesn’t matter as much already.

Let us all remember today, that to the people you lead, it matters how you lead. Lead well today.

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