do you really believe

Do you really believe?

The core motivation for any thing matters so much. If you want a business that has a real impact on a market. If you want a family that is healthy and whole. Even if you want to improve your health. Frankly, if you want to do anything of any worth or good, the core motivation or purpose for making that change or doing that thing just flat matters.

When it comes to leadership, there is nothing that matters more than the belief in a leaders heart. There is a CEO I have known for many years now who really believes in the intrinsic good that can only come when people have a real personal connection and experience together. It isn’t just that he has a tag line that he repeats, this guy really centers his life on his belief in the value of human connection. So much so that he has literally created a world where people are fighting to be a part of it.

The challenge we face as leaders is two fold:

First, we settle for something that sounds good and not something we really believe in our hearts.

The second challenge is that when we have something we believe in–really–we don’t allow ourselves to be vulnerable enough to tell people with our hearts.

It is strange to use the word heart I think in today’s business world, but it is the right word.

What do you really believe? How much does it matter to you? That is the starting point of leadership.

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