master the rest stops

When do you pause to receive? When do you pause to give?

My cousin is an IronMan athlete and during her competitive years would qualify for the IronMan championships in Kona any year she wanted. I asked her when I started getting into triathlons what the secret was to the IronMan distance and she said, “the key is you have to master your rest stops.”

There is no way to finish that race without utilizing a rest stop. You have to know your body. When you will need nutrition. When you will need liquids. You have to know when to hold back. You have to know when to push. You will not finish if you run an IronMan like a sprint.

Most of us leaders run our race like a sprint. Everyday we attack each day like we must utilize every second. We work all day. We work at home all night. We even send emails at 12:02 am to colleagues. In our mind we tell ourselves, we are paying our dues. We are building for our future. That is not how it works.

Without rest stops you won’t make it to your “future.” I’m not talking about “time off.” I’m talking about “intake and exhaust.” It is about receiving and giving.

This sounds fluffy, but it is actually biology. Your leadership and impact is unsustainable unless you learn how to master the rest stops–which is all about quality of rejuvenation not quantity of days off.

Are you in it for the long haul? Master the rest stops.

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