is it time?

Do we talk enough about courage?

The thought of stepping into uncharted territory sparks fear in the hearts of many. This fear causes many to stop progressing and settle. Settling is the death of leadership.

Leaders see out in the horizon (even imagined) a place for us to all go to. The path between “here” and “there” is uncharted. There will certainly be challenges that test us to the core of our character. The only question is will we press on in spite of the certain difficulties and failures we will face along the way?

Is it time to start that business? Is it time to expand your business into a new market? Is it time to consider that first acquisition? Is it time to kill off that product?

Is it time to ask her to marry you? Is it time to start a family? Should I pause work for 3 weeks and spend time with friends and family oversees? Is it time to forgive?

Is it time to…?

Leadership begins with when decide it is time to go. Our ideas and vision only make us a prophet. It is the courage to take the first step towards that vision that the leader emerges from the prophet.

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