lonely on the top

If it is lonely on the top, something is not right.

Leadership is both an individual calling and a team role. Much like any position in any team, there is one person responsible for the role and the role is not relevant without the team.

The role of a leader usually starts with an individual “calling.” The entrepreneur has a unique idea. They take action on that idea, often alone. However, at some point that idea starts to look like an organization or a movement. From this moment forward if you are lonely, you are unsustainable.

If an organzation has a leader with no team, that organization is ill-equipped to handle all that is coming.

A group of direct reports is not a team. A team is a small group of people you consider to be like peers to you. A team is a small group of leaders who are willing to let you be completely unguarded, who will challenge you and you will listen to them, who will let go of disagreement and support your decisions, who will not be afraid to confront each other when we fail. A team is a small group of people who work side-by-side with the leader for the collective good of the organization and not their own interest.

If you don’t have a team, I imagine you are certainly lonely up on top.

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