you don’t really want to win

Do you really want to win?

This question is just important. The problem is that many of us deceive ourselves. We say we want to win, but our behavior is not great at keeping secrets for us.

For some, our behaviors seem to indicate that our leadership role is more of job or a privilege. For others, our behaviors indicate that we feel the responsibility and desire to win.

Leaders who want to win show (I use the word “show” on purpose) their drive and desire to win. They want to be first, not second. They are idealistic with what is possible without being unrealistic. They avoid complacency. Their hunger is evident.

Leaders who want to win show the eagerness to learn from mistakes take risks. They ask questions. They apologize when they fail the team. They consider the results more important than their ego or reputation. Their vulnerability is evident.

Leaders who want to win show that the people around them matter. They show concern for others. They show compassion for others. They have fun and laugh with others. They know how to read a room and shift a mood without pushing others away. Their desire to work well with people is evident.

How bad do you want to win? The leader determines the stakes of the game–the urgency level–not by what they say only, but more so by how they behave.

How would your people interpret your behavior?


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