It is really about how much you believe.

You will never build a great team if you don’t really believe in your heart that the mission of the organization is of great importance. Once factor I see in effective CEO’s–that build truly cohesive teams that trust each other, have good conflict and accountability–is that they genuinely believe in the purpose of the organization. This produces a real sense of urgency.

Some leaders mistakenly interpret hype for urgency. Hype is not intrinsically bad. However, it is typically an artificial inflation of energy based on something a leader wants. Like any stimulant, it can come with a bit of an addictive nature to it. Leaders get addicted to hype and burn out their people and lose credibility.

The difference between urgency and hype is belief. When a leader operates out of genuine belief, they create real urgency.

The person in the team creating urgency is the leader. It is not a title thing, it is a belief thing. When you believe in something strong enough to influence people to engage, you are creating a sustaining force–urgency.

One thought on “urgency

  1. Fantastic insights Chris!! I appreciate the insight / clarity putting hype and urgency on the same line. Very impactful and thought provoking. Time is, and will always be, one of our most precious assets.

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