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the only relevant long-term goal

There is only one long-term goal that is relevant: sustained health. Everything else is secondary. Travel. Money. Cars. Career. Art. Even relationships, family and friends. These are all amazing things experienced in the context of one thing: L-I-F-E. We have long-term financial goals. Long term career goals. Retirement goals. Goals with our hobbies. Some of … Continue reading

the most difficult organization to lead

It is interesting to interface with so many different industries and companies of every scale–manufacturing, scientific, education, churches, non-profit, healthcare, service, technology, aerospace, and so on. I have a lot of fun working with most organizations. My experience is that technology companies are really challenging with the kind of work I do, but not the … Continue reading

vegetables and pain

There is this guy who works at Google who has a TEDtalk about doing random things for 30 days. Here are some of the things he did for 30 day time periods: took pictures everyday bike to work hiked a mountain wrote a novel gave up sugar no social media or news He says, “If … Continue reading

The Power Addiction

My name is Chris, and I am addicted to power, position and authority. Sugar, Fat and Salt. I lost 145 pounds. My experience was that, more than calories and exercise, the greatest challenge to my survival was breaking my addition to sugar, fat and salt. Studies have shown that the more refined and processed each … Continue reading

Vulnerability sucks

It just does! I have known my wife as a friend for nearly 25 years and have been married to her for 12 (on July 7th!!), and just this morning I was really struggling to tell her how I really was feeling about the work I have with a client the next two days. (Funny, … Continue reading

Leadership in the Eye

Two things my eyes taught me today about leadership: 1. A healthy eye at rest always looks straight. So apparently there are six muscles that control your eye (more than I thought). If your eyes are weak, when they rest, my doc said they will veer off to the side. If they are strong and … Continue reading