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the most difficult organization to lead

It is interesting to interface with so many different industries and companies of every scale–manufacturing, scientific, education, churches, non-profit, healthcare, service, technology, aerospace, and so on. I have a lot of fun working with most organizations. My experience is that technology companies are really challenging with the kind of work I do, but not the … Continue reading

vegetables and pain

There is this guy who works at Google who has a TEDtalk about doing random things for 30 days. Here are some of the things he did for 30 day time periods: took pictures everyday bike to work hiked a mountain wrote a novel gave up sugar no social media or news He says, “If … Continue reading

does anyone care anymore

I can tell the difference between a leader who cares and a person who is just filling a job position. Just because you have the title CEO does not make you a leader. For that matter, just because you are creating a buzz of activity and organizational change, doesn’t mean you care. Call it what … Continue reading

Give Me, Give Me, Give Me

My sister was born in eastern Europe and after tragedies in her birth family, she was moved into an orphanage in Latvia until she was nine years old when my parents adopted her. I remember when she first came home, my parents (who love to give gifts) brought her to a toy store and said … Continue reading

Vulnerability sucks

It just does! I have known my wife as a friend for nearly 25 years and have been married to her for 12 (on July 7th!!), and just this morning I was really struggling to tell her how I really was feeling about the work I have with a client the next two days. (Funny, … Continue reading

life misery

I don’t normally write so much, but I am thinking a lot right now. I’m hoping my brain is in a gestation period where a new way of living has been conceived, and not yet ready to be birthed. (Wow! Can I get any weirder?!? Ha!) What if poverty isn’t the problem? What if the … Continue reading

daring greatly

I read a lot of books and I try to take one thing away from them all. Trying to boil my big takeaways to one is just impossible. This book, “Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way we Live, Love, Parent and Lead,” by Dr. Brene Brown, is dense with lessons … Continue reading

eight years of pain

I was talking with a friend today who said that she spent eight years under a difficult boss that treated her with ruthless arrogance. When I asked why she stayed for so long in such a dysfunctional environment, she said: “Well, that is a long story. But honestly I’m glad I did. I wouldn’t be … Continue reading

The Orange Revolution

What is a leader without a team? Like wind in the sails, the team is the driving force behind great change. Yet our history books betray us. They lead us to believe that great movements in history have come through the icons who were but sails filled with the power of a galvanized mob. Teams … Continue reading


Credibility is the currency of leadership. A leader with no credibility is a leader with no influence. A leader with no influence is not a leader. Credibility correlates to believability. It’s trust and confidence in the person we chose to follow. It isn’t just alignment between my words and my actions. It’s also alignment between … Continue reading