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bored as hell!

I was driving home last night after spending another day with a client. I am so honored to work with this team. Some times I’m brought in when teams realize they are broken. It is special to get to work with a team that is great and wants to get better–they are drawing the best … Continue reading

does anyone care anymore

I can tell the difference between a leader who cares and a person who is just filling a job position. Just because you have the title CEO does not make you a leader. For that matter, just because you are creating a buzz of activity and organizational change, doesn’t mean you care. Call it what … Continue reading

Give Me, Give Me, Give Me

My sister was born in eastern Europe and after tragedies in her birth family, she was moved into an orphanage in Latvia until she was nine years old when my parents adopted her. I remember when she first came home, my parents (who love to give gifts) brought her to a toy store and said … Continue reading

The Power Addiction

My name is Chris, and I am addicted to power, position and authority. Sugar, Fat and Salt. I lost 145 pounds. My experience was that, more than calories and exercise, the greatest challenge to my survival was breaking my addition to sugar, fat and salt. Studies have shown that the more refined and processed each … Continue reading

Vulnerability sucks

It just does! I have known my wife as a friend for nearly 25 years and have been married to her for 12 (on July 7th!!), and just this morning I was really struggling to tell her how I really was feeling about the work I have with a client the next two days. (Funny, … Continue reading

Start with Why

People matter. People matter a lot. Our work as leaders must not be carried out carelessly, because of its direct impact on people. It has been said that “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make drink.” While I get the point, the fact is, we don’t lead horses. Since we lead … Continue reading

Authenticity Starts With Transparency

Leadership is about influence.  Influence is about buy-in.  Buy-in comes through trust.  Trust is born in  transparency.  Transparency is a reflection of authenticity.  Sure it sounds simple.  That is the problem… it's TOO simple that almost none of us do it!  Leadership is a stewardship, NOT a right.  You "earn the right" to lead someone … Continue reading

The Scariest Leadership Lesson EVER!

So… changing lanes is a scary thing.  In traffic is the worst.  You know what it is? …It’s the blind spot!  The blind spot has always freaked me out.  I hate that I have one, and I hate when I’m in someone else.  When people change lanes without dealing with their blind spot they can … Continue reading

Leadership Lesson #2: Be Clear

There is nothing worse that a vague leader.  You know these leaders, they are the ones you can never pin down.  You always THINK you know what they think about you, but you’re not really sure if your honest.  Are you one of them?  Being clear is an essential element of leadership.  Clear with your … Continue reading