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Start with Why

People matter. People matter a lot. Our work as leaders must not be carried out carelessly, because of its direct impact on people. It has been said that “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make drink.” While I get the point, the fact is, we don’t lead horses. Since we lead … Continue reading

Going Tribal

syn·er·gy: The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects. There is a power in united communities. In fact, for me there is something magical about being a part of a community with a purpose bigger than myself. No one should … Continue reading

Leadership and Self-Deception

The perfect words are just not enough. The challenge is that communication is not just about carefully chosen words. Don't get me wrong; the words you choose are immensely important—just not most important. My belief in a person’s value and motive makes a big difference in how my communication with them–regardless of the words I … Continue reading


Are you essential, absolutely necessary, incapable of being disregarded? The real question to ask is: are you indispensable? In today’s changed economy, this is arguably the most important question to ask yourself. Why? Because if anyone can do it, anyone will do it. If anyone will do it, it’s not that special. If it’s not … Continue reading

To Reach The Clouds

One dream. Years of training. Months of illegal planning. Six accomplices. Two towers. One wire. One man. 1,368 ft. in the air…and 45 minutes that made the world turn their heads. You could settle the management/leadership section of your local bookstore, read every book on the shelves and miss one of the most compelling leadership stories ever told. To Reach … Continue reading


On Aug. 28, 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and repeatedly spoke the word "dream" into the heart of history and the flames of the Civil Rights Movement. There is no doubt that one of King's greatest contributions to the era, among many, was motivating a generation to … Continue reading

The Lencioni Essentials

The cost of poor leadership is too great.  The potential impact of great leadership is too valuable.  So you will get a recommendation from me as often as I feel compelled to share one. This week’s recommendation is a series of books I recommend more frequently than any other book by far, by one of … Continue reading

Crucial Conversation

I read quite a few books (esp. biographies), blogs, articles, etc.  I have a particular interest in all things "leadership." I consider leadership one of life's most consequential responsibilities.  The impact of how a person handles this responsibility could be felt for years… and in some cases generations.  Therefore, I am a careful learner.  As such … Continue reading

Leadership Lesson #2: Be Clear

There is nothing worse that a vague leader.  You know these leaders, they are the ones you can never pin down.  You always THINK you know what they think about you, but you’re not really sure if your honest.  Are you one of them?  Being clear is an essential element of leadership.  Clear with your … Continue reading