master the rest stops

When do you pause to receive? When do you pause to give? My cousin is an IronMan athlete and during her competitive years would qualify for the IronMan championships in Kona any year she wanted. I asked her when I started getting into triathlons what the secret was to the IronMan distance and she said, … Continue reading

your position is greater

The greater your position the greater your vulnerability. I have five kids and I can see how natural it is to give authority away. My younger kids would come crying to me, “Daddy! Bella said…” My oldest daughter didn’t recognize that her younger siblings automatically gave her a position of authority. The weight of her … Continue reading

do you really believe

Do you really believe? The core motivation for any thing matters so much. If you want a business that has a real impact on a market. If you want a family that is healthy and whole. Even if you want to improve your health. Frankly, if you want to do anything of any worth or … Continue reading

growth is not your goal

Growth is not the goal, health is. As if it were the truest thing we have ever learned in business, we believe growth is the goal. It is not. Growth without health is dangerous. The health of the organization is seen in how people treat each other and communicate, how clear and bought-in people are … Continue reading

it matters so much

How we lead matters so much. This week I have been feeling, deeply, the importance of leadership. This week a leader who had a planned retirement was forced to retire early after being caught up in the #MeToo movement. It has bothered me so much, because of the amount of good this leader has accomplished … Continue reading

it never gets easier

Vulnerability is always hard. It is the foundation of great leadership and teamwork, but the fact is that vulnerability is always hard. That level of exposure is just not easy. I have known my wife since I was 12 years old. We have been through so much in our life together. We went through high … Continue reading

game time

Meetings really do matter. Meetings are a microcosm of the health of your organization. The disciplines required to make an organization healthy show up most clearly in team meetings. Do your team meetings demonstrate your team is cohesive? Do your team meetings demonstrate your team is clear? Do your team meetings demonstrate your team is … Continue reading

the discipline of endings

Sprint to the end! Great meetings end with the team feeling like they accomplished something and moved the ball down the field. Having addressed the biggest concerns with real decisions made. The close is the demonstration that team members know how to let go of disagreement and commit. It shows the team’s ability to be … Continue reading

the scorecard

I work with a multi-national retail organization that has been facing incredible challenges as the entire industry is navigating a digital transformation. However, their people are tremendously passionate, creative and inspiring. You can feel it when you walk into their lobby. They weren’t always that way. Steeped in silos, old products, and a workforce whose … Continue reading

setting the hook

The meeting kick-off reveals the urgency level in the team for winning. Matt is a big-hearted CEO, leading a service company. One thing Matt does that separates him from many other CEOs is that he really cares about the frame of the meeting–setting the hook–at the start of the meeting. When the leader shares from … Continue reading